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Congratulation Aliyah!!!!

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Brown & Single

Dating is tough in 2019, especially being a brown-dark skin woman. I believe many black men are looking for a certain type of woman, meaning lighter complexion or white. Hopefully, I don't offend any black men reading this blog. But, Can you imagine just being a brown-black woman and seeing black men only going for lighter and other ethnicities?  It's depressing to not feel appreciated towards black men. No, I am not bitter or angry. When seeing it everyday society, it makes you wonder as a brown woman are you good enough or beautiful enough.  I love black men. I adore black men. I know have some brown and dark skin sisters that feel like this at times. It's nothing wrong with expressing your feelings. It feels like it’s only becoming worse. As a black woman, sometimes I was upset with society and how media stereotype brown and darker women. We're unattractive, loud, ghetto, etc. To hear that in the black community is depressing. Colorism is a very big deal in the blac…